Creating reports


Thanks to the unique MLGen technology, AllNetic Working Time Tracker provides with multifunctional tools for creating reports based on any selected data, exporting data to other applications, printing, etc.


Several report templates are shipped along with AllNetic Working Time Tracker to create reports in HTML, CSV, TXT and XML format.


MLGen separates data from presentation and lets you and your users change the format of the output text without rebuilding the application or changing the data source. MLGen takes some template (regular string with XML-like tags) as input and produces some output.


With MLGen producing text in different formats is easy as ABC -- you specify the template and let your application supply data to the generator. The rest is defined by template. Whenever you need a plain text, XML or HTML, SGML, CSV or custom text document, you get any of them by just changing one property of the component.


Processing of template is affected by set of properties and events set by the application. The application passes the data to the generator on request, i.e. when MLGen comes across <macro> tag. Several tags let you implement loops and conditions and comment some parts of template. The information represented as plain text in template is passed to output without changes (with except of tag processing which might cause repetition or exclusion of information).


When needed you can add custom tags and even add scripting to your template, thus letting your users write powerful data processing routines directly in template.


You can edit existing templates or create new ones using a simple template language.



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